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Scan Facility Service ApS

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1. Alcohol and drugs policy
2. Registration in Denmark and health insurance
3. Nem-ID.
4. Salary information


Alcohol and drugs policy

We will help ensure a safe and productive workplace for all employees and the use of all illicit drugs or alcohol abuse can cause serious risks to health and safety at work.
Therefore, the use of alcohol, drugs and/or any form of ingestion of illicit drugs is absolutely forbidden during the period of employment.
This also applies to any Transport between workplaces.
We reserve the right to have a drug or alcohol test carried out on the employees if you deem it necessary.
If you refuse to have such a test done, we reserve the right to dismiss the employee.


Registration in Denmark

Cpr./tax card
If this is the first time you work in Denmark, we will assist you in obtaining a CPR. No./ skattekort (your tax number) to ensure that we can register you in the Danish system on time for your first salary payment.
See annex 2, Proxy.

Get more information here:

Health insurance

We can help you request special health card for you so that you can use the public hospital in Denmark in the same way as in your home country.
In order for Renata Jensen to search on your behalf, we need a power of attorney from you.

See annex 3, Proxy.


Creating an Easy ID
You can, after you have your and special health card, apply for your Easy ID (NEM-ID) by contacting the Citizen service at the municipality.

To get the Easy ID set up, you must bring a valid ID card and it will be activated immediately. Opening hours for your local citizen Service office can be found online.
With your NEM-ID you will have a personal log-in to the various state portals, for example. Tax and your electronic mailbox (e-box) and your online banking. Through it you will receive your payslip and this is where you can request holiday pay and where you will be notified if you need any call to hospital.
With NEM ID You can also log in: – See your holiday and cash sickness benefits. – See your tax situation and information. - See your Pension. (if you qualify)

Using the Easy ID.
Once you have created your Nem ID, you can log in to your personal page on the Skats website to update and view tax information.
An easy ID allows you to create an electronic mailbox. Here you will be able to receive your payslips from us and other important communications from the Danish authorities: (electronic mailbox).

Payroll Account/Salary Information
During the trial period, the first 3 months, the salary is transferred to your own account in your home country. DKK 100,00 per transfer will be charged for this service.
After the trial period expires, it is possible to create an account in a Danish financial institution. This costs DKK 625,00 in the creation fee and is incl. Mastercard annual fee and 1. quarter account fee.
Thereafter there will be an annual card fee of DKK 175,00 and a quarterly fee of DKK 50,00.
To be able to create a Danish payroll account in a Danish bank – remember the account must be created as Nem konto – this is an account that will allow you to receive all payments from us and from the state.
For that, you must bring your Danish, passport photo, Easy ID from the public, special health Card (temporarily), confirmation of home address when showcasing an invoice, where the home address is written, for example a phone bill or invoice with rent or a tax ticket.
All employees must have a Danish account. You can transfer via online banking to your own account in your home country.
When do you get your salary
Payment of salary will be made on the last working day of the month for the period, see attached calendar.
It is important that you hand over your hours to your supervisor in a timely manner, see attached calendar in Annex 5.
I have read, understand and accept the above information (tick box here).

How can I see my payslip
Once you've got your Easy ID and created an e-box, you can create it so that you are notified by SMS or email when mail enters your e-box from, for example your employer i.e. payslip. You can log in to the E-Boks and see the pay slip and what the public else will send you.
I have read, understand and accept the above information (tick box here).

Visiting the office:
You need to make an appointment before visiting the office, don´t just come. Perhaps the person you need to speak with is out of the office.
Denmark is a respectful and non-aggressive culture. When visiting the office respect the people who work there. Do not shout at employees of Scan Facility or cause disturbance in the office.

Threatening or aggressive behavior will not be tolerated and could result in you being dismissed from your contract and sent home.

I have read, understand and accept the above information (tick box here).

Holiday money

- Holiday pay rules: As an employee you are entitled to holiday money, which is 12, 5% of your
Salary, in response to 25 days per year and 2.08 pr. Month.

You earn your holiday money in a calendar year (January 1 -
31 December) and you get them paid the following year - after 01.05.,
where the holiday year begins.

It is during this period (01.05.- 30.04 the following year) you must keep the

You are entitled to have a 3-week total holiday during the summer

Holiday pay without Nem-id, the company only can paid you on
background of an application (form) via Feriepengeinfo.

- Payment of holidaymoney:
With Nem-id: Employee must apply to have his holidaymoney paid via
self-service at, where you can
log in with your Nem-Id.

Without Nem-id: Foreigner without Nem-Id has the opportunity to apply for
payment of holidaymoney, by completing a form available at: holiday money.The form must be completed and
signed by the employee, and then send to Feriepengeinfo.


Annex 1

Workwear: The following will be supplied at startup:

Safety Shoes
Work Pants

Annex 2

Fulpower to the Danish tax authority
Full Name/possibly CPR no: ___________________________


I would like to give the power of attorney to the downlevel business can represent me and be helpful
Regarding my tax card, self-declaration and financial statement as I do not know the Danish language to this extent for example self specify etc...
Contact Name: Scan Facility Service ApS
Renata Jensen 25723022 or Jørn malling 42751868 email address:
I am aware that I can withdraw the power of attorney at any time by written request to the Danish tax authority.

Annex 3
Sent to International health insurance
Mailing Address: Udbetaling Danmark, Kongens Vænge B, 3400 Denmark, Hillerød. International Health insurance.
Power of attorney to company.
Your information (principal)
Address Phone nr.
Information about the company CVR-nummer
Virksomhedens navn
Scan Facility Service ApS 3 6 7 3 6 9 4 1
Udsigten 19 5874 Hesselager Phone nr.
Select type of proxy (fill in either A or B)
Power of attorney for my cases
I give power of Attorney (tick):

That the above company takes over responsibility for my case/cases with International health insurance and acts on my behalf.

Note: When the company takes over responsibility for your case/cases, all International health insurance letters are sent to the company. If you change your employer, it means that you are not notified of the cessation of health insurance and that you have to apply again.
Power of attorney for my applications
I give power of Attorney (tick):
The above undertaking takes over responsibility for my applications with International health insurance and that the company is notified of the outcome of my applications.

Note: When the company takes over responsibility for your applications, all letters related to the application are sent to the company.

Date and signature (principal)
Date Signature
Things to know about power of attorney
You may withdraw the power of attorney at any time by contacting Udbetaling Danmark. If you have previously given power of attorney to someone else, this new power of attorney replaces the previous one.

Annex 4


The lease includes room No. __________

Key Deposit DKK 400,00.

A one-time deposit of DKK 500,00 is also payable to cover the absence of cleaning of the room upon emigration. This deposit is returned when you stop working for the SFS and we have approved that the room has been handed in tidy and cleaned condition.
Otherwise, the above amount will be deducted from the net salary in the last salary payment.

N.B. Remember to air the room often and turn down the heat when windows and doors are open.
Also remember that all waste, including cigarette shutters, should be removed/collected so that there is no dirt anywhere.

Annex 5
Calendar for payroll periods 2019:
Month Deadline for Salary Salary
timesheets: paid: period:

Jan.: Every monday 31.jan. - 20. jan.

Feb.: Every monday 28.feb. 21. jan. - 17. feb.

Mar: Every monday 29.mar. 18. feb. - 17. mar.

Apr.: Every monday 30.april 18. mar. - 21. april

May: Every monday 31.may 22. april - 19. may

June: Every monday 28.june 20. may - 16. june
July: Every monday 31.july 17. june - 21. july

Aug.: Every monday 30.aug. 22. july - 18. august

Sept.: Every monday 30.sept. 19. august - 15. sept.

Oct.: Every monday 31.oct. 16. sept. - 20. october

Nov.: Every monday 29.nov. 21. oct.- 17. november

Dec.: Every monday 27.dec. 18. nov. - 15. december

Annex 6

I am informed that visits to citizens ' services/government etc. which are necessary for registrations and which are carried out during working hours are done at their own expense.
Employee / Fuldmagtgiver

Employer :
Scan Facility Service ApS
Udsigten 19, 5874 Hesselager

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